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Clients and Editors Say…

“We love having you write for us! You do awesome work.”
Kendra Brown, OWL Magazine

“Working with you is always worry-free from an editor’s standpoint. You come through with interesting, relevant anecdotes and well-researched articles time and time again! It’s a pleasure to work with you!”
Julia Slater, Reader’s Digest

“Lisa, your story queries are always a bright spot in my otherwise fairly boring inbox. Your story ideas are written with a sense of humour but always with the sense that I'm going to get valuable service in the piece. What's better, you don't just give good query. When your finished piece comes in it's exactly what I had hoped you were going to write – not something that happens all the time with other writers! I look forward to your next piece and, as always, those bright spots in my inbox!”
Jennifer Walker, CARP magazine for the 50Plus

“Lisa has an uncanny knack for knowing how to take a sometimes relatively vague idea from a client like me and fleshing it out into a full-fledged article, one that uses just the type of style and tone we were going for. She's great at maintaining a consistent voice from article to article. Her writing is clear, concise and accessible. We're always happy to show off her work to our clients!”
Lily J. Mills, Novus Health

“You always find interesting sources and pithy anecdotes to bring life to your stories. Plus, you’re on time and always open to suggestions – it’s a pleasure to work with you.”
Laura Bickle, Today’s Parent

“I can always count on you for interesting and unique pitches. But the best part is, the stories are always right on target with great quotes. It’s a pleasure to have a writer like you who delivers every time.”
Robin Stevenson, Canadian Family

“Everyone who reads this story loves it – from editor-in-chief to proofreader. Thanks for doing such a great job in such a short time.”
Arlene Stacey, Zoomer

“Thank you again for doing this story. You did an amazing job… I'm so impressed with the feature and the amount of information you gave readers.”
Lisa Hannam, Glow Magazine

“Thank you for submitting such a well-written and well-researched article! I found it remarkably easy to edit and fact-check – and it was engaging and interesting to read in the bargain! I really had very little to do. It was a joy to edit. It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who is (clearly) passionate about the written word – and about clear and concise communication.”
Sandi Gauvin, Alive

“Thank you very much for writing it for us; you’ve had the whole office weeping!”
Kathy Ullyott, Canadian Living

“Thank you for your excellent work on the “Amazing Newborns” story. Your research is thorough, the tone is engaging and the practical information that will matter to new parents is well presented – and all on time! It's a pleasure to work with such a competent writer. You make my job easy!”
Susan Spicer, Today's Parent Special Editions

“Your work is professional, accurate, consumer friendly and on time. You take great direction and are a pleasure to work with.”
Paul Riopelle, MediResource Inc.

“Thanks, Lisa. It’s perfect for us! You have a lovely, fluid writing style, while incorporating all the necessary information.”
Sheila Robertson, Acreage Life

“Thanks for your article. It’s very good; you did an excellent job!”
Luc Belanger, VIA Destinations

“Thank you so much for your lovely work. The article is a huge hit!”
Lisa Beaton, CPC Healthcare Communications
In the Spotlight

Articles: Finalist, 2018 PWAC Awards, Best Feature Article category. Winner, 2014 PWAC Awards, Short Articles category. Winner, Canadian Dermatology Association 2014 Public Education Award, Media Print category. Winner, American Urological Association 2011 Excellence in Urology Health Reporting Award. Honourable Mention, 2009 National Magazine Awards, Service: Health & Family category.

Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction: Finalist, Room Magazine 2014 Annual Writing Contest, Creative Non-Fiction category. Finalist, Writers' Union of Canada 1996 Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers. Winner, Seventeen Magazine 1991 Short Fiction Contest.

Blogging: Second Place, 2013 Canadian Blog Awards, Best Health Blog. Winner, 2011 Best Health Blog Award, Embrace Life category.

Being Interviewed by Lisa Isn’t So Bad, Either!
Interview Subjects Say…

“The piece is great! Really well delivered with a lot of great advice from first-hand experience. It was a pleasure working with you.”
Natalie Schoffer, Me to We
“Your writing is excellent – a very practical, honest look at genuine generosity. I was delighted to be part of it and you used my words very respectfully. Thank you!”
Linda Kavelin-Popov, Author, Family Virtues Guide
“I owe you a lunch. I've gotten three clients from the magazine! Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed.”
Steve Park, Magic Realty
“Your article is very well-written, and captures factual information, while at the same time being entertaining.  I felt very comfortable seeing my statements and quotes;  I did not expect to feel so at ease seeing my name in print!”
Maureen Lynch, Nurse, Calgary Breast Health Program

“Thanks so much for sending me the article you wrote on stress in the May issue of Reader’s Digest. It’s an excellent piece, very skillfully woven and very well written… I had lots of feedback on it.”
Heather Menzies, Author and Adjunct Professor, Carleton University

“You did an excellent job! You captured all of the important points we discussed. Plus, you provided good information for parents… that will most certainly help them in their search for a solution. It was a pleasure working with you.”
Annette Bourdon, Chiropractor

“I received my issue of Contact earlier this week. Yesterday I received a message from a colleague commenting on your article. I immediately dropped everything to check it out. You have done a great job. Thanks for putting me in the spotlight.”
Jim Carty, President, AltiMark Business Group

“I read your article about the Secular Freethought Centre (now the Centre For Inquiry Ontario) and thought it hit the mark superbly! It was a great and much-needed job about a really good and much-needed project.”
Dr. Robert Buckman, Oncologist and Author, Can We Be Good Without God?

“Thanks so much, this was one of the best interviews I ever did… I’m still hearing about the article and how well done it was.”
Andrea Rennick, Homeschooling Parent


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