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Read samples of Lisa’s magazine and newspaper work:

“Mom & Dad in Debt” (Canadian Living)
The number of indebted seniors is rising fast. What if you find out your own folks owe a fortune? Here’s how to help your parents get back into the black. [read article]
“Daddy’s Got the Blues” (Today’s Parent)
We all know postpartum depression can hit hard. But how many of us know it can hit men? The truth is, male perinatal mood disorder is more common than many dads might suspect. [read article]

“The Highs and Lows of Pregnancy” (Today’s Parent Pregnancy)
When you’re expecting, your mood can alternate between the moon and the dumps. Here are tips for dealing with the emotional highs and lows that are part and parcel of a normal pregnancy. [read article]
“Marketing to Kids” (Alive Magazine)
Kids are constantly courted by commercials, billboards, product packaging and online promotions. How does it shape our children’s lifelong relationship with food and nutrition? [read article]
“Downsized? Why Not Start Your Own Business?” (Zoomer)
Baby boomers are the fastest-growing demographic in the small-business sector. Thinking of joining in? This may be a great time to become your own boss. [read article]

“A Child with Special Needs” (Today’s Parent Baby & Toddler)
It can be overwhelming and heartbreaking to learn your newborn or toddler has a disability. But with time, and by taking these key steps, parents can move on to build a good life for their family. [read article]

“Living with the Odds” (Canadian Living)
Medical research uncovers new answers for women who carry the breast cancer gene and live in fear. [read article]

“Holding on for Dear Life” (Zoomer)
Is there help for the sizeable number of Canadian seniors who are struggling to make ends meet? [read article]

“Divorce Goes Grey” (CARP Magazine for the 50Plus)
The divorce rate among couples over the age of 50 has been steadily rising. Why are these men and women waiting so long to pull the plug on their marriages? [read article]

“Living Large” (Today’s Parent)
Big families are back in style. Here’s what it’s like to raise one. [read article]

“Dial-a-Shrink” (The Globe and Mail)
The trend of telephone counselling is sweeping the nation as fast as you can hit speed dial. [read article]

“New Job, New Life” (VIA Destinations)
Want to swap an unsatisfying career for a dream job? Here’s how. [read article]

“Mad Science” (Canadian Family)
The latest in parenting research is turning us into nervous wrecks. No wonder we moms and dads are second-guessing ourselves at every turn. [read article]

“At Last, A Trip That Didn’t Fall Flat” (The Globe and Mail)
This family includes a busy preschooler, a husband who’s quadriplegic and a wife who doesn’t drive. Yet together they embark on a 16-day road trip to eastern Canada – and live to gloat about it. [read article]


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Canadian Journal of Medical Laboratory Science
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“I have been meaning to contact you to tell you how much I appreciated ‘7 Habits of Happy Gardeners’
Reader’s Digest]. It made me laugh. It was simple, to the point and gave excellent advice.”
Miriam Goldberger
Wildflower Farm, Coldwater, Ontario

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